How To Plan You Banner Content

Having different types of trade show booth rental at your store front is one way to attract the customer’s attention to your products and services. These need to be able to get your customers attention from one glance. Therefore here are a few tips how to design and plan the content of your banners.

Keep your logo at the top

It is important to strategically place your company logo in these displays. When designing displays like a roll up banner you must keep in mind that your company logo has to be at the top of the banner content. The reason for this is that banners like these the top part will be at the eye level and therefore it is the first thing that anyone will see. Since the logo represents what the company stands for you need to be sure that your potential customers will clearly see it. In other types of banners you should place it in an area that is not crowded by other information. The logo should have its own place in the display.

Left to right

Usually people will read from top to the bottom and then left to right. Whether it’s horizontal banner or a vertical banner this is the usual case. Remember that you need to use the banner space effectively but you don’t want to put in too much information as well. Have a team read through a few banner ideas and see what is the initial message they get out of the each one of them. If the message is hard to read or if the message you want to be put across isn’t getting communicated well then you may have to change the design idea and give it another try.

High quality images

Having images in the best roll up banner is actually a very effective way of communicating to your customer but make sure that the image you use is of high picture quality. Remember that the idea of this banner is to get your customers attention. Having a bad quality picture can impact the idea that the customer will get about your product and services.

Besides these make sure you take advantage of the color schemes. Different colors stand for different meaning and they can actually change and person’s feelings and thinking there for do not just blindly put a flood of color into your banner. Think of a theme and make sure that it matches with your logo and the color must not make it difficult to read the actual content. Therefore get advice form a graphical designer regarding the best blend of colors to use on your banner.