How To Personalize Your Cubicle?

For most of us, work is home away from home. Customising your cubicle to make it your own, not only will allow you to feel at home but also increase your productivity. The key is to make it professional with a personal touch and not to go overboard. Take a note from the tips below and get started.

Having a cubicle means you are probably sharing coworking space with another employee and you two are separated only by a thin partition in between. Make sure not to be rude by letting your belongings flow into his space. If you want to hang something over the partition wall, ask him first, he will appreciate the sentiment and will most probably not mind. You may have one or two decorations depending on the season and the specific holiday you may be celebrating but don’t overdo it.

Have all the necessary equipment ready on your table. You are at the office to work and be productive, so have your laptop/desktop, phone, printer and all other necessary belongings in such a way so you can easily access them. Have a nice computer screen saver and desktop background, as this will probably be the first thing anyone would see when they enter your cubicle. Make sure to have head phones or earphones as well, you don’t want to be rude and disturb others by listening to audio loud from the laptop or the mobile.

Printouts are the biggest cause of clutter in a cubicle. Have a plastic folder which will keep them in place, and you won’t find them flying all over the desk. And if there are papers that is of no use, throw them away immediately. Use a coaster for your mug and put away food and beverage items as soon as they are consumed. Do not let them linger on for hours giving off smells. You may be in a serviced office Singapore and maintenance could cost a lot, you would want to take care of the furniture and the surrounding with respect. Dust off and keep it clean at least once a week.

You can have a few personal photos of yourself or your family. But make sure you don’t have more than three and avoid controversial pictures which would get you into trouble with the human resource department! Same goes with quotations and memorabilia, have a few pleasant ones to keep you motivated but stay away from the offensive ones as it will not be professional.

Having a personalized and professional cubicle will make a statement about your personality as well as give a good impression about your work ethic which will leave your employers and colleagues impressed.