3 Things To Do On A Friday Night In Singapore

Singapore is a city of entertainment. From Monday to Friday it may seem to lead a busy schedule in the corporate sector, but in the weekend it is far from taking rest and having a peaceful nap in home. It is a city to throw party and have fun. Singapore does not leave its people in despair with rare chance to get entertained in the weekends.

All you need to do is to find what is the best in this city and how can you utilise it. Do you know that you can arrange for a cool weekend or Friday night party at ease? Do you know you know you can celebrate your surprise wedding or anniversary in a grand way in Singapore? You can hire wedding catering services to serve your guests with best South Italian food.

We are providing here some brilliant tips that may help you to make your Friday night quite entertaining. Even, if you are new in the city or if you are a tourist, you should take a look at these points and can utilise them according to your own choice.

Explore the drinking places, bars and clubs- Apart from restaurants, excellent wedding catering in Singapore, Singapore has drinking escapades, night clubs and bars in immense quantity. If you are staying in a metropolitan area, then you do not have to worry. You will definitely find a bar where wine is served; you can also find the cocktail spot that is the newest. Whenever you go at a bar or night club on Friday night, you will find yourself in a long queue to get your drink or may be for a dance fix. Even, there are
You will different types of bars-

a. four or five bars which are bilingual
b. five or six bars which are owned by the Japanese
c. four or five bars which are quite a film buff
d. If you are going on a date, you can select the bars which are famous for the occasion of first date
e. If you are quite a posh citizen, then you can go to the bars which are known to be posh

Make it a night of games- on a Friday night leave the competitive mood that you acquire while fulfilling the target and get into a competition to win the game. If you are going on a night out, then there are so many places where you can involve yourself in playing. You can play some exciting games, like boomtown, cranium, balderdash, elixir, etc.

Enjoy the night in a unique way- you can take a trip around the city in the night. You can hire a boat to ride down the river of Singapore and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city.