4 College-Level Courses You Can Take Online For Free

Are your college years long behind you? Not to worry, your learning years will not be gone as soon. Learning is a lifelong process. Whether you are 20 or 50 does not matter in getting yourself a higher education. Of course, as a working adult, you probably don’t have the resources or the time to go back to school. That’s no longer a problem for taking college lessons. With the advent of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), you can take college-level lessons at the comfort of your home for absolutely free. Here are some of the courses you can take:

1. Learn Chinese

As China emerges as an economic giant, and as hordes of Chinese tourists travel around the world, time has never been better to take those Mandarin classes you missed at college. Learning Chinese has many benefits for different industries. If you are a businessperson, knowledge of Chinese will help you navigate through Asian markets and customers. Don’t forget to sign up for a course or two.

2. Build a Mobile App

Smartphone usage has risen to unprecedented levels and with it, the mobile app market has boomed like no other. You can join in to reap profits by learning to build your own mobile app. There are a number of MOOCs that offer lessons in learning how to program and develop platform-specific applications, like mobile apps. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity learn a valuable skill for free.

3. Play Doctor

Did you ever want to go to medical school, but could never pass chemistry? Now, you can take lessons in subjects like human biology, anatomy and neurology for free online. Some MOOCs have made complex medical problems, like obesity and heart disease, simple enough to learn for the general population with little to no prior science knowledge. Now, get to know your body better with a free online health lessons.

4. Explore Foreign Cultures

Along with those Mandarin classes, join a MOOC about Chinese traditions and customs. Why? You will need to know these if you plan to do business in China, tour China or work with expat Chinese people. Join MOOCs in history and culture of foreign countries to enrich your understanding of the world.

There are a number of platforms where you can join these amazing courses, such as EdX, Coursera, Udemy, Kahn Academy and FutureLearn to name just a few examples. Courses are offered in a number of languages by universities worldwide. You can take courses offered by top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and even Oxford and National University of Singapore.