Decoration Tips For Tropical Weather

Do you live in a tropical weather country? Then maintaining a house that can tolerate heat, humidity and monsoon rain can be a daunting task. Needless to say, tropical houses should be built to withstand the tropical weather. Using styles used in other countries like England will do more damage to your place of dwelling than anything else. Obviously, you will need to decorate it to match the weather. Here are several tips on how to do that:

Create Large Windows without Curtains

The idea of curtains originated in countries that experience winter to trap heat inside the house during colder months. Homes in tropical counties have no need to trap heat; the need it opposite, trap the coolness. Therefore, get rid of the curtains and make your windows big enough to let a lot of daylight inside. As advertised by high end interior design company in Singapore, the best house is the one that is illuminated by daylight. Instead of curtains, decorate the windowsill with curtains.

Use Bold Wall Paint

Forget cream or off-white wall paint for your home. Choose colors to suit the weather, like mud brown, leafy green and water blue. They will complement the surrounding nature. Choose the furniture to match the wall paint rather than vice versa. It’s important that you invoke hues and imagery present in nature for the tropical style to truly work.

Use Ornamental Decorations Minimally

In tropical countries, the dust gathers easily. So, using ornaments minimally will help you keep rooms clean with little effort. It’s very important to look clean to make any style work. Also, minimalism is highly stylish nowadays. It’s the ultimate style popularly marketed by high end interior design company in Singapore to Tokyo. You can get in on the game by a good designing agencies abode to be minimalist. 

Use Indoor Plants

The tropical weather is great for growing things, and you can use this natural advantage to give your indoors a Zen like style. Grow small plants endemic to your area, or use Japanese bonsai style plants to make your home stand out from the rest.

Proper Ventilation

It’s important to keep the air moving in and out of rooms to prevent dust from gathering as well as to keep insects out. In the tropical weather, insects and flies are common like the during the summer seasons elsewhere. Keeping them out should be a priority to keep the house looking clean and stylish.

Be inspired by the above ideas, and try one or two to make your home look fabulous and in touch with your tropical surroundings.