How To Encourage Healthy Competition

Competition in the workplace can be a difficult thing to get right. This is because you have achieve the optimal level of rivalry in order for it to be beneficial. Too much competition has the tendency to have a negative effect on company morale. Even worse, it creates an environment where people are unable to trust one another.

This is why you need to focus on creating healthy competition. This means getting people to excel while sharing a common goal. It also involves being competitive in a different, more fun setting such as awesome kart racing. Here is how you can foster the right amount of challenge:

Competing Together

It is important to get teams or departments to compete together against a rival that is preferably an outsider to the organization. This is the ideal form of competition as it drives employees but not in any manner that will create discord. Rather, workers are encouraged to band together and perform better in order to outdo another company or business. This is when the perfect balance is struck – employees are motivated and are working well with one another. Forming and encouraging the completion of a common goal also aids in creating a bit of healthy competition.

Appropriate Time and Place

There is a time when competitive behaviour should be encouraged and a time when working together is given precedence. This should be clearly communicated to employees. This way, the main goals of the company will not suffer due to inappropriate rivalry. Competition is best suited when trying to come up with new and innovative concepts. This inspires people to come up with bigger and better ideas, thus creating progress. When a joint goal must be reached however, particularly according to a deadline, all rivalry should be temporarily halted. Instead, convey to employees the importance of overcoming this particular goal together.

Make It Fun

One of the best ways to cultivate good natured rivalry is by doing something fun such as a team sport or kart racing. This will allow employees to contend with one another without an ill feeling or malice taking place. Instead, they will be able to put their thinking and abilities to the test against an opposing co-worker or team. This is the best kind of rivalry as there is no chance of any negative effects in the workplace. Rather, everyone just enjoys themselves and lets loose.

You must remember to create a balance between competition and productivity. This is when employees will most benefit from this exercise and be able to evolve in their work environment. It will also create a more spirited atmosphere.