Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

Well, you don’t want to be really rich to make your bedroom look expensive. You can use some equipment to make it look like that. This is not to show off. This is only to make you feel elegant, to make you feel you are special too.
Go green – Grow a plant inside your room. This will produce more oxygen and make your place lively. Having a plant will inspire you. You can plant any plant you like. For this, you have you buy a beautiful vase. Whenever you see your plant growing up, you will be over the moon. This will be like caring a child. The more you pay attention, the better your plant will grow.
Lightings – You have to use bright light to make your place look charming. Have you seen the various types of bulbs they use in huge palaces? Well, I’m not saying you have to buy the exact bulbs. You can use economical bulbs and trust me, they will do the same job.
There are different types of bulbs with different designs. And these designs transform light into other different kind of patterns. These designs create different kind of patterns on the wall.

Curtains – This highly influences the overall look in your room. There are different kinds of curtains which give an elegant look for your room. If not, you can sew one as you wish. You have to pay attention to the color of the curtains when you buy or sew them. And, if you are really obsessed with decorating your room, you can take support from the internet when you sew the curtains.
Paint – Instead of choosing white and light colors, choose colors like navy blue. This color is royal and elegant. Yes, sometimes this color won’t go along with the environment of your room well. If it’s so, mix another color with it. Like, white and navy blue.
If not, you can use different types of wallpapers for your wall. For example, there are wall patterns like Japanese wallpapers, check wallpapers and etc.
If you use Japanese wallpapers in your room, you can use it as a theme. You can have a bonsai tree in your place. It could be amazing.
Furniture – Well, don’t pile up each and every furniture in your bedroom. Select what you really need. Apart from your bed, you need a table, chair and a cupboard. If not, there are beds with attached cupboards. You can try that too. However, try to have more space in your bedroom. That way, you will feel relax and calm.