Planning The Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning can be a flurry of work and excitement that can last over a few months and sometimes even a year. It can be the most exciting time of your life and it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life due to all the things that you have to do. There are a few things that most brides and grooms experience during their wedding planning and one of these is a lack of time to do everything that they have to do during those months. Unfortunately, this is due to lack of planning correctly and if the bride and groom start planning their wedding well ahead of time and if they follow a routine and a schedule, they will be able to avoid much of the stress associated with wedding planning and will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most perfect times of their lives.

Wedding checklist

There are certain main elements that make up a wedding and these are the things that need to be sorted out first with the immediate priority. Some of these elements are booking the right catering services, booking of the venue as venues tend to be completely booked up from months and even years ahead of the event and booking the brides wedding dress

You will need to decide what kind of catering you are going to have for your wedding. Your options include having a fine dining menu with three, five or seven courses, having buffet catering in Singspore or choosing to serve easy to eat finger food in a cocktail style menu. The choice that you make will depend on the type of wedding that you are choosing to have. If your wedding is going to be very high end at a very elegant venue, you may want to choose to have a fine dining menu although it is important to keep in mind that this type of menu costs a lot more money than the alternative options.

For a more casual atmosphere, you could consider the buffet option as this will allow guests to eat as much as they want and be free to walk around and interact with other guests. If you are choosing a wedding party that is very casual with a lot of dancing and a lot of activity, then your ideal catering choice would be finger food, allowing guests to eat while the interact and walk around. If your guests are younger, they will want to dance and enjoy themselves and therefore will not be too interested in sitting down and having a big meal.