Technicalities Every Maternity Photographer Has To Know

Unlike photographing children, it is rather easy to handle taking pictures of two adults. They will take your direction into consideration and do as you tell them to, giving you the ability to be creative and come with shots that have different compositions, angles, and color. For photographers to be able to come up with such creative ideas per off the moment can be difficult which is why everyone needs to have a well thought out plan, list out things that have to be taken care of, and come up with new things you would like to try out. While photographing this beautiful process there are a few technicalities that need to be looked into. Read on to find out more on what these technical aspects are.

The emotions

It is difficult for many couples to be able to pose and act natural in front of a camera. This is why it is necessary to take time to get to know the couple or the mom, talk to them, and make them feel comfortable, while ensuring to them that this process is rather normal and will be a great way to get a taste of it preparing them for photo session once the baby is born. The process of pregnancy is exciting for any couple, and it is rather visible on their faces, which is why it is important to focus on this and capture the essence of how they are feeling.

Use of lens

Many think that having a high end lens for a pregnant photo shoot is important, but this is not the case, you can practically use any type of lens, and make the scene look beautiful. If you have to choose, you can go for an 85 or a 35mm lens, it can be the short or the long kind. One thing you must keep in mind when using wide lenses, is that you shouldn’t capture images which makes the mum look bigger than she already is, whereas the use of wide angles can be helpful in bringing together more and more creativity.


There are an endless number of different sites you can choose to have a pregnant photoshoot. It can be in the city, the countryside, and at the client’s home, all making great backdrops for the photographs. You can use the sunlight for its natural lighting, or move the scene to an urban area with a lot of bustling. All in all, when choosing the location you have to keep in mind that it has to be suitable for a pregnant lady, and not cause any harm to her health. Getting to climb things, or walking up a hill will not be the ideal scenario.

What to wear

This is a question raised by many ladies. The only answer should be is anything that they are comfortable in, while making sure not to hide the bump. The whole point of having the photographs taken is to make sure the belly is clearly visible. So any option that gives full view of the bump will be ideal.

There are many ways you can go about taking the best maternity pictures, but be sure to have the above technicalities in order to get the best out of the shoot.