Tips To Picking The Best Towels

Our daily routine consists of getting up in the morning, consists of different types of rituals based on various individuals. Each and every one of us need to have a long hot shower to be able to feel fresh, and awaken the body, to get the necessary energy to survive our daily routines throughout the day. Getting out of that shower, all of us have an innate need to dry ourselves by using nice soft towels, thus allowing us to feel warm, and comforted every time we use them. Given below are a few tips to choosing good and comfy towels.

Size and weight

Grams per square meter is the unit used to measure the density of the fabric of the towels. Lower the GSM lighter the towels, and vice versa. The lighter ones are less expensive than the heavier, and thicker ones, and can be used only for a short amount of time. The ones which are high in quality, and are rather heavy are usually the ones used at five star hotels and spas, to provide customer with the best services, and make them feel comfortable. It is always best to invest in good quality towels, since you use them often, and it’s necessary to last for long periods of time.


Whenever you go to towel suppliers make sure they provide you with ones that absorb well. This is one of the most important factors; it is of utmost necessity for you to be completely dried off once you are done with your shower. Cotton ones usually come with loops that works well in absorbing water. Usually the number of loops on towels signifies how well they absorb. Higher the number of loops, better the absorbency.

Ability to dry off

Something towel suppliers might not tell you when buying their towels are that, the thinner the material the faster it dries, and can be air-dried rather quickly. Whereas the thicker ones take much more time to dry off. Leaving thicker towels to air dry may not be such a good idea, as it will not dry off quickly only to start releasing an unpleasant stench.


Like carpets, towels too do tend to give out lint while being washed, and after some time due to over use, the release of lint is inevitable. The newer towels start to shed as soon as they are bought; therefore it is best to wash them separately, without adding it in with the regular clothes. So that there won’t be any chance of lint getting on the clothes that you wear.

Since towels are items that you use every day, make sure you take your time and decide on the perfect one, which will last a longer period of time.