Ways To Combat Stress?

We hear a lot of people nowadays telling people that they are stressed. But what exactly does stress mean? And why do people get stressed? What are the ways to combat stress? These are a few questions we must ask our self. But there have been so many scientist and researchers who have dedicated their entire life in finding answers to these questions. They created a hypothesis and based on this they have done so much of research on various test subjects for years and they have finally come up with a few principle conclusions that have now shone some light into the lives of many people who claim they are stressed.

Stress is actually a state or condition of a person when their mental and physical balance is hindered due to some incident or due to a series of issues. Stress is more like a response that our body gives us and it indicates that we need to calm down and take a break. It acts like an alarm that is triggered and causes hormonal reactions in our body such as the release of hormones. One of the hormones released is adrenaline and it is names the ‘’ flight- or- fight hormone’’.

There are so many symptoms for stress and the main one is that one feels restless and lacks sleep. This is mostly common in students who are about to face their exams. Another symptom is that one gets emotionally unstable and tends to act in a weird way and tend to think in a totally different way. Stress could also lead to depression and one could isolate one’s self from others.

There are many ways to combat stress and firstly it is to take a break. One could either choose to rest at home or go one a holiday with one’s family. Some people even indulge in a lot of prayers as this calms their mind and soul. One could even have sex as this reduces stress and there are different ways to improve sex performance.

One way to improve sex performance is by increasing the time duration for foreplay till one reaches climax. One could even go to a spa and get a soothing pampering session but of course this might cost a sum but worthwhile. Even getting a full body massage helps improve one’s mental and physical well being.

In some cases it is best to visit a doctor to consult in this matter. They could give u pills so u can sleep better or eat better so make sure to get a doctor’s advice before doing anything.